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Oxfamtrailwalker FR 2011,


An unlikely combination indeed. Two days in June, a team of two Indians and two Koreans, and a natural reserve in the heart of Bourgogne. What in the world were they thinking when the Sundance Kids signed up for the Oxfam Trailwalker?

We decided to set out on a life changing trek. A physical challenge to cover 100 km on foot in less than 30 hours-and an even bigger social challenge of raising €1500 in donations to support Oxfam's efforts to alleviate poverty and injustice. For sure, more than a sporting event, this will be a world changing trek.

The thing is, we need you! We need you to fill us with the courage to go the extra mile. And the easiest way to show your support is by clicking through to donate on the green button at the top right corner! Via a 100% secure encrypted credit card transaction, your donation will go directly to Oxfam France, and through them to the beneficiaries that need it the most.

-The Sundance Kids

Our Pet causes:

- Health & Education for all
- Agricultural campaign
- Climate change campaign

Meet the Sundance Kids:

In such a rough neighbourhood like the Wild West, it's hard not to shoot before asking questions. But when you're the Sundance Kid, the fastest gun in the west, you don't really need to draw anyone's blood. And that is how the Wild Bunch pulled the longest successful run of train and bank robberies while maintaining their non-violence policy**-respecting life.

And no, we're not going to rob anybody :D.

We just want to get everybody to enjoy the sun and dance!

Fred June Won Chung, 30 yrs, Korean
Pragya Tyagi, 28 yrs, Indian
Jiyeong Kim, 30 yrs, Korean
Amol Rotithor, 26 yrs, Indian

->Fundraising activities for The Sundance Kids supported by HEC Paris Net Impact.

*Disclaimer: Tax deduction on charitable donations to Oxfam France (a registered non-profit under French Loi 1901) valid in France and other countries where tax code allows.

**Disclaimer: Yes, in historical fact, this policy seems to have been violated by one member, Kid Curry. But here, we'll stick to the legend of Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch.

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