Strangers in the Night

by Igor Shishlov for Oxfam France


About my fundraiser

Oxfamtrailwalker FR 2011,

Olá amigos!
Hallo Freunde!
Ciao amici!
Привет, друзья!

We are a team of MSc in Sustainable Development students at HEC Paris School of Management. Clarisse Simonek (Brazil), Julia Wagner (Germany), Giulio Berruti (Italy) and Igor Shishlov (Russia) are glad to see you visiting our page.

We have a mission! On June 11th we are embarking on a journey to explore our utmost limits and discover our true identities. We will set off into the wild forests of France to walk 100 km in less than 30 hours in the name of a fairer world. Join us on our quest to discover if we really have enough commitment for our beliefs.

Our team has taken the challenge: we are supporting the cause of Oxfam, collecting at least €1500 to donate to Oxfam France, an international NGO that fights every day to build a fairer world for all. Brazilian, Italian, German and Russian efforts will be united to achieve this goal and raise awareness among people.

We need YOUR support for this idea to come true! Please click on the green button "Faire un don" ("Donate") to support our efforts. Learn more about the Oxfam and how your donation will help fight poverty and respond to emergency situations here:

Still hesitating? Your donation will be transferred straight to Oxfam France, via a 100% secure transaction. And as Oxfam France is an association of international solidarity, you can receive a tax deduction based upon your country's regulations. E.g. 66% in France, meaning that your donation of €50 will actually cost you only €17.

Thanks for your support!

Your Oxfam Trailwalker team,
Julia, Clarisse, Giulio, Igor

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